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Everything Came Crashing Down For This Mom-To-Be. Then She Looked Inside The Oven.

Amanda had been unsuccessfully trying to have a baby with her husband for three years when she finally got pregnant.

Things were going great for the couple — in addition to having a baby on the way, they had just moved into their first home after taking two years to renovate it. But everything came crashing down for Amanda when her husband left her just a few weeks before she was due to give birth. She was faced with being a single mom and dealing with a mortgage all on her own at 36 weeks pregnant when her friend decided to contact the KIIS 106.5 radio station in Sydney, Australia.

Amanda wasn’t sure why she was called into the studio with her friend. She didn’t know that the show does a special “giveback segment” to help people in need.

When asked about her situation, Amanda was understandably worried that she wouldn’t be able to keep her home.

Being able to financially take care of her little one was also a big concern.

That’s when the radio host told Amanda to look at a TV screen in the studio. She saw a vacuum cleaner inside her home, which meant she’d have professionals cleaning her house for the next six months.

Next, she saw that her refrigerator was filled with meals that would be delivered to her daily for three months.

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Further into the kitchen, she saw $4,000 worth of baby gifts and supplies. But it was the last surprise that left her totally floored.