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Foster Care Worker Drops A Girl Off At This House. The Problem? It’s The Wrong One

The foster care system is designed to give children in need of living arrangements a safe place where they can rest their heads until a permanent solution is found.

When the system is at its best, it can help save the lives of countless children. However, when it’s at its worst, some pretty serious mistakes can occur.

A foster care worker was driving a four-year-old girl home from daycare and was supposed to drop her off at her foster parents’ house. But that’s not what happened. The worker wasn’t sure of the address of the house, so he asked the girl. She only said that she lived in a blue house. Eventually, the man did drop her off at a blue house, but it was more than three miles away from where she belonged.

RaSheeda Yates was taking a shower when her 14-year-old daughter told her that they had an emergency.

Upon entering her living room, Yates discovered a small child sitting on her couch, watching TV, and eating a sandwich. The girl told Yates that she had been dropped off by a man. She did not know her last name and didn’t say that she was in foster care.

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Yates posted a photo of the girl on social media in hopes that someone would know who she was or where she lived.

The girl’s biological mother actually saw Yates’ post and contacted her about getting in touch with the foster parents. Almost four hours after being dropped off, the girl was reunited with her foster mother. The driver who made the mistake was fired for his carelessness.

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I’m so glad that she’s back home now. Share this story if you think that errors such as the one that the driver made are totally inexcusable.