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Thandie Newton Doesn't Want To Hear This "Compliment" Anymore

You know Thandie Newton, right?

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She’s the star of HBO’s sci-fi western thriller, Westworld, where she plays a badass madam who’s having trouble battling what’s real and what’s fake.

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Well, she’s got a new role: teaching people how to give proper compliments. The 45-year-old London native joined forces with RoC Skincare to help spread the message.

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RoC Skincare’s “For Your Age” campaign was created to eliminate the negative subtext in language used to describe a woman’s appearance once she’s reached a “certain age.”

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Thandie is sick and tired of hearing people say “you look good…for your age.” While she assumes they mean well, Thandie told Refinery29 why she doesn’t believe it’s a real compliment.

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“For women over 30, there’s the addition of children and the stress of holding down a job, and most people don’t have help.”

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“They grit the teeth with their mother-in-law, support their husband, and deal with misogyny. That’s a lot of stuff.”

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“It’s not, ‘You look good for your age.’ It’s, ‘You look good for a renaissance woman holding down all those things and still managing to have a glow about you.'”

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“Rather than just using [this campaign] to hawk another product, they want to take this opportunity for a conversation. It’s not about the age, it’s about the pressures and stresses of being a woman.”

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“Once we realize our stressors, we’re going to force society to recognize that being a mother is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. If it was paid, we’d be respected more.”

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“We should take a step back and see why people are amazed that an older woman looks good.”

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“It’s because they know how much we do. It’s not ‘for your age.’ It’s for being a frickin’ goddess despite all of that.”

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And that’s THAT!

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