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This Is What Happens When Your Mom’s Stalker Finds Out Where You Live…So Creepy

Having a stalker is no laughing matter. Those who obsess about others are mentally unwell and more than capable of causing severe bodily harm, no matter how “innocent” they might appear.

A few years ago Canadian Redditor slegs learned this fact firsthand when a strange man started stalking his mother. Things culminated with the creep tossing a soccer ball with bizarre things written on it into their yard…

According to slegs, the story began around Christmas 2012 when his mother met a slightly strange 60-year-old man outside of her work.

He seemed nice enough at first and even offered to fix the brakes on her car. Slegs’ mom then had him over for dinner to return the favor.

At the time, this man had just moved into a new apartment, so his mother offered him some spare bedsheets and a small Christmas tree to make his new place homier.

That’s when he started calling her multiple times a day, everyday. Luckily, she never picked up the phone.

Not long after that, he showed up outside their house screaming. He finally ran away when they threatened to call the police.

After this incident, they found the sheets and Christmas tree stuffed inside their mailbox with a note reading: “thanks a lot. thanks for nothing.”

At one point, he even mailed them an envelope with nothing inside. The following ominous phrase was written on the outside…

Eventually, to make the harassment stop, slegs and his mother had to move and buy a new car.

That seemed to do the trick, at least for a little while. They didn’t hear from the creepy guy for four months.

Just when they thought they were safe, this soccer ball with disturbing phrases written on it was tossed onto their lawn.

I have no idea what the heck most of these things are supposed to mean, but they all point to an author who is very sick in the head.

Slegs said his mother bought a BB gun in case her stalker returns.

(source Reddit)

It’s been a few years since slegs shared his story…

My hope is that the man got the help he needed and stopped harassing this poor family.